Craftsmanship is our key word at compo'plume! 

Every product we make in our workshop is unique and handmade. 

We receive the crushed wheels in our workshop and that’s when the magic happens! 

We mix them with other elements to prepare the "recipe" of the compo'plume materials. Then we make sure to mix everything homogeneously to have the best possible result. 

Depending on the size of the order we can also customize your products, whether it concerns the desired dimensions, shape but also color!

Once mixed it is time to place and distribute the material in a mold with the right dimensions

compoplume-farication-artisanale-5.jpg compoplume-fabrication-artisanale-4.jpgcompoplume-farication-artisanale-6.jpg


Once all the material is spread we press the mold. Our manufacturing process is energy efficient because we cold press with a hydraulic press


Once out of the press, each product is sanded and varnished.... And here is the final product!